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vince-galaxy's News

Posted by vince-galaxy - July 9th, 2017

I released a new album about three weeks ago on my Bandcamp page. One of the tracks "Wide Open Waters" was submitted to the NGADM tournament this year. (Didn't get past the audition stage, but there's always next year.)

Anyway, check out the new album "If I Could Stop Time" on my Bandcamp! https://vincentcerasomusic.bandcamp.com/album/if-i-could-stop-time

Posted by vince-galaxy - January 6th, 2017

Hello to the two people who visit my Newgrounds yearly.

I put out a brand new record in September called "Every Step is a Mile", and its available for free at the link below. I also put out a new single last month called "Echo Chamber." A brand new full-length will be released sometime this Spring.

Lastly, I'll be participating in Pixel Day 2017. I'm going to start uploading some art that I created last summer for my DeviantArt page. (I'll link that below as well). Hopefully I go somewhere with the art on here.

Music - https://vincentcerasomusic.bandcamp.com/releases

DeviantArt - http://vincehimself.deviantart.com/

Posted by vince-galaxy - August 13th, 2016

Can't believe its been a year or so since the last time I've updated this thing.

While I've been briefly dipping in and out of Newgrounds for the last month or so, I've been extremely inactive with posting music to the Audio Portal. The reason being is that I've been working on a ton of music projects lately, and have even been added to the roster of an underground net label, which is huge for me. I do however plan to start uploading music here again, starting this week or next week.

I've got a full-length record coming out September 20th called "Every Step is a Mile", and will be uploading a single from the record here very soon. 

Lastly, I am on a MAJOR hiatus from Lost Galaxy. I released what is possibly the last full-length record in June called "Lost in Space". I don't know whether or not I'll make another LG album, but for now, you can check out this massive compilation album I put together of old demos and Audio Portal songs I put on here: https://lostgalaxy.bandcamp.com/album/personal-favorites-a-lost-galaxy-compilation

Posted by vince-galaxy - July 13th, 2015

Its been a while since I've been on Newgrounds. I just wanted to make this generic updates post to keep my listeneres updated on my future music...

1) My sophomore Lost Galaxy album CULTURE SHOCK will be released earlier than planned, on September 1st this year. It will feature 11 tracks, and a possible bonus track. Maybe.

2) I am currently compiling all my rap beats, and am planning to make a big compilation of all the beats I've made. If anyone out there is/knows a rapper who may be interested in rapping over one of my beats, please private message me and we'll discuss.

3) I have not one, not two, but THREE MORE full-length Lost Galaxy albums to be released in the next year. No more EPs, demos, or singles. Maybe a remix here and there.

Posted by vince-galaxy - May 6th, 2015

Today, I released my new EP from my Lost Galaxy project "How to Stand the Test of TIme". This 3-track EP is available for free at the link below, along with the rest of my music!


Posted by vince-galaxy - April 13th, 2015

Last week, I released the very first Lost Galaxy music video for the song "Polybius 2.0"! You can watch it here, but be cautious, as this video contains flashing lights and extreme strobe effects.


Posted by vince-galaxy - March 21st, 2015

It is with my deepest regret that due to unforeseen circumstances, the upcoming spring EP "The Bandit" will most likely see a much, MUCH later release, or no release at all. I've done all I can to not let this happen, but unfortunately, my efforts have failed. I've worked extremely hard on this EP, and am both sad and INCREDIBLY pissed off that this wont be happening, since this idea of a concept album/ep has been in my head for a very long time. On the bright side, this failure is actually a blessing in disguise. Instead, I will be releasing a 3 song EP featuring songs from the next album, which will see a late 2015 release, possibly in the fall or winter (October-December). This EP will be released May 5th, and sometime next week, I will release the album artwork and track list. It will still be for free download on Bandcamp, as always. Thank you to the very few of you that have supported me throughout these last few really rocky months. I promise that I'm not going to let some shitty event ruin the future of this music project.

Posted by vince-galaxy - February 21st, 2015

On May 5th, 2015, I will be releasing my EP, "The Bandit" for free on Bandcamp.

1) The Bandit I (Escape)

2) The Bandit II (Insurgency)

3) The Bandit III (Redemption)


Posted by vince-galaxy - February 14th, 2015

My brand new single (demo version) "Nothing Stays the Same Forever" is out NOW on a compilation put out every month by my friend! The song will be featured in the next full length album, which is due to be released towards the end of 2015, but for now, you can download the first single FREE here: https://musicisreallydumb.bandcamp.com/track/nothing-stays-the-same-forever

This coming Friday, I have a big announcement coming for you all about a new EP I plan to release in the spring. On Friday, I will release the album name, artwork, tracklist, and other information I have about it.

Posted by vince-galaxy - January 25th, 2015

A friend of mine does a compilation every couple of months consisting of some of the most talented young artists ever. I am pleased to announce that a brand new single from the next Lost Galaxy full-length will be featured on the compilation. The song is called "Nothing Stays the Same Forever", and it will be part of a full-length record I will be releasing in the late winter of 2015! I will have more information on that soon enough!

Further more, all the compilations my friend does are FREE! Here's the last compilation I was featured on, containing a very old and primitive Lost Galaxy demo I produced last year! https://musicisreallydumb.bandcamp.com/album/two-hour-compilation-3